The Kumquat Tree

Kumquats are small fruits that have an outer skin similar to oranges. Unlike oranges, however, the skin of the kumquat is actually the sweeter part, and they are typically eaten whole. The trees are not hardy when grown by themselves, and generally do not produce much fruit. To get stronger, more productive plants, they are grafted onto another fruit tree with better rootstock, which can then be grown in the garden.


Locate an area in the yard that has well-draining soil. Kumquat prefers sandy, loamy soil, but will grow in other types as long as it drains. Dig a hole and pour water in it to see if the area drains. Wait a half hour or so and come back to the hole to check it. If the water hasn't gone down any, then the area does not drain well, and it's not ideal for growing kumquats.

Place the tree in the hole and cover it with the soil mixture. Press the soil in lightly as you go, so that you do not have any air
 pockets around the roots. 

Water the tree thoroughly, but do not create soggy soil. Setting up a soak'er hose for about an hour will give it a good slow soak and allow the excess water to drain.

Apply nitrogen fertilizer to the area around the tree after about a month. Follow the directions on the fertilizer based on the space you are spreading it over. Do not spread it too close to the tree base. Cover an area of at least 3 or 4 feet out from the tree to encourage roots to branch out.

Mound soil up about 1/2 foot at the base of the trunk during the winter to protect it from freezing weather. Cover the base of the tree with several inches of mulch as well. Remove this when spring arrives.
How to Care for Kumquat Trees in Containers

Kumquat trees don’t tolerate being root bound, so you will need a very large pot. Drill extra large drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, and cover the holes with window screen to keep the soil from falling through. Raise the pot off the ground to improve the drainage and air circulation.

Kumquat trees in containers need extra protection during freezing weather because of the exposed roots. Cover them with a blanket when frost threatens.
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