Hak Ip' has dark green to black leaves of this superb variety. The fruit is large, sweet, and always has aborted “chicken tongue” seeds. It is being grown commercially on a small scale, and it is already one of the preferred varieties for the home garden.
Emperor is the largest of the lychee fruits achieving golf ball size. The tree is a slow compact grower that produces every three out of four years.  Juvenile trees are somewhat difficult to grow, but they do perform well in Florida.
The Mauritius is the variety of choice for commercial growers in Florida because it is a regular and heavy producer. The fruit is sweet, pink to red, and produces chicken tongue seeds in about one out of ten fruit.
Ohia' is an excellent tasting lychee that is large with a relatively small seed. The tree is an irregular producer fruiting every two out of three years. It has enjoyed limited commercial success in Southeast Asia, but remains relatively unknown in the United States.
Sweetheart is hands down our finest lychee. It is a consistent producer of huge heart shaped fruit all having chicken tongue seeds.  It is quickly becoming the variety of choice by dooryard growers for its reliability and superior quality.
Brewster fruit is medium or large, sweet and juicy. At peak ripeness the Brewster is truly delicious!
As Brewster fruit ripens the small raised bumps on the fruit surface gradually smooth out and the skin of the fruit turns from pinkish red to a bright purplish red.

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