While still green and hard, the fruits fall to the ground, a few at a time, over a period of several weeks. 
As they ripen, the skin and flesh turn golden-yellow. 

While still firm, the flesh is crisp, juicy and sub-acid, and has a somewhat pineapple-like fragrance and flavor. If allowed to soften, the aroma and flavor become musky and the flesh difficult to 
slice because of conspicuous and tough fibers extending from the
 rough ridges of the 5-celled, woody core. 

The trees are drought-tolerant; under stress they may briefly lose their leaves. Ambarella grows on limestone soils as well as on acid sands, but the soil 
should be well drained.

  Ambarella is often propagated from seed, which starts to germinate within one month.

 However, clonal propagation of superior trees is recommended. and not difficult:. This can be done by cuttings, air layering and even grafting. 
Ambarella is a fruit of South and South-East Asia. From there, it spread to other tropical parts of the world. It is a quite common tree in the home gardens in South East Asian countries.
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