The fruits must be clipped from the branch, taking care that the stalk left on the fruit does not protrude beyond the shoulders. Frequent picking is necessary to harvest the fruit at the ideal stage, that is, when creamy lines appear around the areoles showing that the spaces between them are widening. If picked too soon, the fruit will not ripen but will darken and shrivel.

Fruits colonized by mealybugs have to be cleaned by brushing or the use of compressed air before marketing. The fruits should not be wrapped because this will speed ripening, but they need to be packed in boxes with padding between layers. Because of the irregular form, the fruits must be carefully fitted together with the base of each fruit against the wall of the container and the more delicate apex inward.

THE ATEMOYA Fruit Tree Comes in 2-3  / 5-7 & 25-30 Gallon Sizes

The tree thrives in various types of soil, from sandy loam to red basalt or heavy clay, but best growth and productivity occur in deep, rich loam of medium texture, with good organic content and a 
moderate amount of moisture. 

  In Florida, the Atemoya ripens in the fall. If there is light fruit set in October/November, flowering may continue to February and the fruit from such late blooms may have to be picked prematurely and ripened artificially to avoid cold night temperatures, but it will not 
develop the highest quality
The first cross was made by the horticulturist, P.J. Wester, at the United States Department of Agriculture's subtropical laboratory, Miami, in 1908. Seedlings were planted out in 1910
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