While pomegranate fruit usually begin to form in the 3rd year, they will probably drop off the tree before they are fully ripe. Begin harvesting fresh, mature pomegranates in the 5th year. Fruit will mature about 6 months after the flowers appear. Pick them when the rind turns to a deep red color. If they start to crack, they have passed their prime.

The best time to plant pomegranates is when environmental stresses are at their lowest. 
Pick a time best for your area, usually in the spring or early fall.

Regular pomegranates will grow in large pots  (at least 10 gallons), and still produce fruit, but they need to be kept well pruned in order to survive. You may be able to grow container pomegranates in cooler areas too, if you can bring them indoors when temperatures dip below 40° F.

Pomegranates may be one of the friendliest fruit trees to grow in the home garden, as long as you live in a suitable environment. They are ancient trees that produce lovely ornamental flowers and delicious fruit prized for their health benefits. They usually grow to only 10-20 feet high and can 
even thrive in large pots.
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